About Us

Hello, thank you for visiting our Kutani yaki product page.
We are the official North American distributor of Kutani Bitouen Japan.

Distoributor company name is SOLA OF FLORIDA, LLC.
We have several other businesses besides this website.

Our president, Junichi is also the owner and executive chef of a Japanese restaurant.
He also sells super high quality coffee beans by online.
Jimotti's Coffee

We also have a local information website about Orlando, Florida, where our company is located. (Japanese website : Orlando JP)
And finally, we have a website, ”Motto Nippon”, mean "More Japan", which was the inspiration for the distribution of Kutani Bitouen.

Company Information

2440 Formax Dr.
Orlando FL 32828, USA

To prevent spam, we do not provide a phone number or email address. If you need to contact us, please send us a message from Contact page.