Hand Painted Kaleidoscope, Brocade Jar-shaped : A8658

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When you look into a kaleidoscope, you are fascinated by a world that you cannot see in reality. Kutani Bitoen is said to be the first porcelain workshop to make kaleidoscopes, because they wanted to create this attraction with Kutani Yaki porcelain.
Because Kutani Yaki porcelain is characterized by its paintings and excellent ornamentation, our kaleidoscopes are not only to be enjoyed by looking into them, but also to be viewed as decorative ornaments.
This is a fine Kutani ware figurine jar, but when the lid is removed, it becomes a kaleidoscope.

A kaleidoscope is not about the outside, but about the inside, and this one has a very gorgeous object inside.

The Brocade Kaleidoscope was exhibited at a kaleidoscope convention in the United States, where it was purchased by a famous collector.
The Brocade Kaleidoscope features a peony flower in pure gold, which was made in Jingdezhen in the Ming Dynasty of China, and on the reverse side is a design of a Persian man riding a camel, which is found on a biwa in mother-of-pearl inlays in the Shosoin Repository. At the top, I added the pattern of begonia, originally an accessory of Indian gods that was introduced with Buddhism.

Product No : A8658