Old Kutani style, Peony design, Drum-shaped Kaleidoscope : A8655

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Diameter 11x28cm

When you look into a kaleidoscope, you are fascinated by a world that you cannot see in reality.
Eishou wanted to create this fascination with Kutani ware, and is said to be the first porcelain studio to make kaleidoscopes.
The kaleidoscope is not only a fun thing to look into, but also a beautiful Kutani Yaki porcelain ornament.

This kaleidoscope is a beautiful Kutani ware figurine.
The kodo shape is easy to lift as a kaleidoscope, and the pattern is arranged from old Kutani. The peony flower was the national flower of the Ming Dynasty in China, and many peonies were painted as the most gorgeous flower in Jingdezhen during the Ming Dynasty. In the Jingdezhen area of Ming Dynasty, many peonies were painted as the most gorgeous flower, and due to this influence, many peonies were painted in Old Kutani as well.

Product No : A8655